• Reliability and Quality

    are our key values bringing us together to build great things

  • Procurement

    We are committed to the procurement of products of the highest standards to meet our client's needs

    Focusing on quality assurance and quality control throughout the procurement process we ensure product quality and a reliable delivery. We manage the procurement process from product requests (RFQ), vendor management, import procedures, to freight forwarding and on-site dispatch.

  • Import Consolidation

    We develop economies of scale by working together with local suppliers and stockist in key markets to benefit our clients, suppliers, and product manufactures

    Leveraging our international reach, suppliers' relationships, and process expertise we consolidate and manage the import process of volume orders of key products to distribute to end-clients.

  • Supplier and Vendor Management

    We aim to support our strategic clients seeking high-reliability and high-efficiency in all of their procurement needs

    Gaining a deep technical understanding of each project and developing project-specific procurement processes, we achieve high-efficieny and develop cost advantages during the management of all of our client's procurement need. We oversee product sourcing and import, 3rd-party vendor management, and products delivery and control.

  • Pipes and Tubes

    All grades of carbon steel, galvanized, stainless and high alloy steel pipes

  • Valves, Flanges and Fittings

    Valves of all types and specifications, flanges, and pipe fittings of all types and specifications

  • Industrial Equipment

    Extensive range of mechanical equipment, electrical products, instrumentation and miscellaneous industrial products


We believe in contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of people around the globe. Technical Supplies, faithful to its core values of reliability and quality, seeks, with its products and services, and through its clients, to remain true to its guiding mission.

We intend that, the services we provide to our clients, and the products we deliver, contribute in growing and emerging economies and that our contribution translates to better productivity, market efficiency and development in the industries we are present.

Reliability, quality and international reach are the key competencies that set us apart and allow us to best fulfill the local and global needs of our clients. A unique strong focus on quality and reliability, a merit that throughout our history our clients can attest to, has built the trust with our partners allowing them to rely on us and thus themselves thrive in their businesses. Technical Supplies’ international culture, presence and reach across Latin America, Europe and Asia have proven valuable to being able to provide products of the highest standards while remaining highly efficient.

Technical Supplies, since starting in 2010, has partnered with clients and suppliers in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Water and Power sectors. Our thorough management and execution of our procurement, import and vendor management services has allowed us to continuously grow and add value.

For the future, we eagerly look forward to continue pursuing our mission and together with new partners and new markets carry on thriving.

  • Colombia
    +57 (1) 300-0790
    Cll 111 No. 7C - 18 Of. 102, Bogotá, Colombia


  • Asia - South Korea
    +82 (10) 3281-3240