• Data Science and Engineering Solutions

    Combining the Power of Data Science and Software Engineering

  • Customer Analytics

    Actionable analytics geared towards improving repeat purchases, customer retention and customer satisfaction

    We develop and implement comprehensive customer analytics models, dashboards and systems to empower your organization to take action. Our machine learning based predictive models provide you with the insights to increase sales, improve customer retention, identify at-risk customers and optimize marketing campaigns.

  • Marketing Optimization

    Optimization of Multi-Channel Marketing ROI reducing the complexity of multi-region, multi-product, multi-channel decision making

    Combining multiple data sources and building adaptive demand models we develop optimization tools to reduce complexity and improve marketing effectiveness while at the same time satisfying complex business constraints.

  • Operations Optimization

    Development and Implementation of software tools to improve labor intensive operations yielding considerable cost reductions

    Through the application of the latest software technology - mobile applications, artificial intelligence, image recognition applications and more - we streamline operations otherwise labor intensive resulting in cost reductions and higher efficiency.

  • Meet Boutique

    Product Development & Customer Analytics
    A boutique hotels startup in China, Meet Boutique invited us to developed a product roadmap combined with customer analytics to develop unique insights to maximize repeat bookings.

  • Analytica Investments

    Machine Learning Equities Trading
    We developed a trading system and portfolio optimization software that allows Analytica to select and hedge positions for its own and its clients' portfolios.

  • Dafiti

    E-Commerce Customer & Payments Analytics
    Through data analytics we identified lost customers and lost sales due to payment issues. Dafiti was able to take action recapturing lost customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Samsung

    Retail Channel Optimization
    Collaborating with top European carriers and retailers, we delivered customer insights and analytics on product categories, inventory availability and product marketing.

  • Google

    Customer Analytics, Sales & Marketing
    Comprehensive customer analytics modeling allowed us to optimize sales efforts enhancing Google's customer offering by tailoring its services to each client segment.

  • Novartis

    Marketing Mix Modeling
    Through a multi-channel marketing optimization model, we developed tools for sales managers to continuously make optimal decisions on marketing investments across channels.

Data Science & Operations Execution Advantages

Technical Engineering and Supplies applies cutting edge data science solutions towards solving operational problems.

Since starting in 2010, has looked to deliver unique operational advantages to its clients through the combination of operational excellence and cutting edge technology.

Today, we focus on applying practical technical machine learning solutions into improving products and operations directly creating business outcomes.

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